Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival is an important meeting place for the documentary film community and a diverse audience of documentary film lovers. Since its birth, Verzió programs were attended by more than 200,000 visitors. 
As part of Moiré Kollektiv, together with Ági and Hanna, very talented designer and videographer, I was working on the visual identity of this year's festival.
Moiré Kollektiv – Hanna Eichner, Ágnes Jekli, Bálint Mendlik

Photos by Jennifer Varga, Balázs Ivándi-Szabó, Bálint Mendlik

Videos by Hanna Eichner

With the help of Melinda Laki (social media coordinator), Tamás Persely and Máté Mlinarics (marketing and branding gurus)

Font: Mohol font by Katyi Ádám (Hungarumlaut)